Heading towards Sustainable Tourism with l’Escale plage!

The environment takes

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The Hummingbird legend

One day, according to the legend, there was a huge forest fire.
Terrified and dismayed, the animals watched powerlessly as the disaster unfolded.
Only the little hummingbird took action, going to fetch a few drops of water in its beak to throw on the flames.
After a while, the armadillo, exasperated by these feeble attempts, said:
“Hummingbird! Are you mad?
Do you really think that a few drops of water
are going to put out the fire?”

“I know,” replied the hummingbird,
“but at least I’m doing my bit.”.

An eco-responsible hotel

Against the background of reduced natural resources and the fight against global warming, our hotel has decided to commit to an eco-certified approach.

We actively contribute to the use of renewable energies
while also saving energy and water,
reducing the production of waste
and improving the local environment.

We have put in place environmental management
in the spirit of continuous improvement.

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Our invitation to eco-gestures

Becoming an eco-citizen
is about changing a few bad habits!
At home or in a hotel,
all our actions have an impact on the environment.

That’s why we ask you to do the following wherever possible:

Switch off the lights when you leave the room.
Don’t leave your mobile phone charger plugged in, and don’t leave electrical devices on standby
Don’t leave taps running when you’re not using them.
If you’re staying with us for several nights, we ask that you re-use your towels by placing them on the towel rail. If you want us to change your towels, please leave them in the shower
If you want to help us sort your rubbish for recycling, please put the following on the desk in your room: magazines, unsoiled paper, empty plastic water bottles and newspapers.
Please let us know if you notice anything wrong (water leaks etc.).

One of the most geographically widespread tourism ecolabels in the world